buttons and clay

simple, individual ceramics

Hello, I’m Karen, a part-time potter and the founder and creator of buttons and clay.

buttons and clay was established in 2017 as a way of sharing my love of all things clay.

My ceramic creations are simple by design, individual and crafted to be cherished and loved.

Pieces are ‘thrown’ on a potter’s wheel at my studio in the woods.  The open space, light and ever changing natural environment continues to inspire – one day sprinkles of sunlight play on my potter’s wheel as it spins; another the rain plays music on the roof as it drops from overhanging branches. A magical place for magic to unfold.

Vessels are handcrafted to enhance everyday life.  Whether it is ‘hugging’ a handcrafted mug of morning coffee or enjoying supper from a beautifully glazed bowl; it’s the little things ~ simple, beautiful, mindful moments.

Each piece has a small button imprint, the maker’s mark, which is unique to me the Potter and buttons and clay.

I mostly use high-fired stoneware finished with glazes that are lead free and food safe.

Hand washing is recommended to extend the colours of the glaze and the life of each piece.

I hope you enjoy my ceramic creations as much as I have enjoyed crafting them.